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Volume 31, No. 3 of the CALICO Journal.

October 04, 2014 By: supyan Category: A. Announcements

CALICO is proud to announce the publication of Volume 31, No. 3 of the CALICO Journal. You can find the issue online at
The articles are available in full-text to current members and subscribers.  Read on for a description of what may be found in the articles in this issue.

         This issue contains six research papers, two learning technology reviews, and two book reviews.

In Negotiating Pragmatic Competence in Computer Mediated Communication: The Case of KoreanEun Young (Ariel) Kim and Lucien Brown tackle the under-researched area of the relationship between pragmatic competence and L2 identity in online environments.

Mahmoud Amer investigates the ways in which English language learners use the mobile app Idiomobile to learn idiomatic expressions and collocations. How target language proficiency influences the use of the application and the extent to which mobile phone usage predicts how learners use their mobile devices for language learning was also explored.

In A Survey of MALL Curriculum Integration: What the Published Research Doesn’t TellJack Burston asks whether or not MALL implementation publications reflect the actual extent to which MALL has been incorporated into the curriculum.


Stephanie Link, Ahmet Dursun, Kadir Karakaya, and Volker Hegelheimer present a longitudinal qualitative study that investigated the practices and perspectives of instructors using automated writing evaluation (AWE) software in ESL courses.


Hui-Yu Yang reports the findings of three experiments that show that subtitles and advance organizers assisted EFL learners’ listening comprehension.

The results of Alan Taylor’s study, a quantitative meta-analysis, indicate that there is a significant difference in L2 reading comprehension based on how much L1 glossing is provided.

This issue also contains learning technology reviews of Mango Conversations—German for English Speakers byTheresa Schenker as well as Mango Conversations—Spanish (Spain) for English Speakers by Annalisa Teixeira. Issue 31.3 is completed with book reviews by Osman Solmaz of Discourse of Twitter and Social Media: How We Use Language to Create Affiliation on the Web (edited by Michele Zappavigna) and one by Christine Rosalia ofTechnology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and Teaching (edited by Naoko Taguchi and Julie Sykes). As always, we hope that you enjoy the read and that the articles have an impact on our field of research and make an epistemological contribution to our current discourses.

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