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Web-based Language Learning (WEBLL) Lessons

October 07, 2010 By: supyan Category: uncategorized

CALL can be independent. It can stand by itself  in CD/DVD format and can be installed in a PC or workstation. CALL can also be installed in a network system and shared by a larger group. Now CALL can be integrated into the web environment. We may call the language learning in the web as Web-based language learning (WEBLL),  which offers not only CALL lessons but also online tutorial on English lessons.

The following lessons are created by Malaysian English language educators  who attended a course on Computer Applications in ESOL in MA (ELS) program at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The lessons are still in the original form/design, and have never been changed. Some of these lessons may have been upgraded by the designers but are not available here.  If you need further information, you can contact these teachers or the webmaster. Contact information is available in each site.

Due to space constraints, this site hosts a few sample lessons. Access to to these lessons is fast. However, other sample lessons will be hosted by a small scale server in UKM, and access to these lessons will vary. Please use right-button to click on the links and then click open new tab or open new window. Some items are not active but will be updated soon.

Reading in English

  • Reading (Haliza Harun)
  • Amazing World of Skilled Reading (K. CK Joseph)
  • Lynd’s English Web (Haslynda Abd Rahman)
  • Reading (Amliyanti)
  • Reading (Azian)
  • Ju’s ESL Station (Zuraidah Abd Aziz)

English Literature

  • Short story delights*** by Angie Wong Wei Wei
  • Poetry in Motion by Yap Yoke Chin*** by Yap Yoke Chin
  • Shakespeare (Wee Kia Kee)
  • Poetry Lane (Khaliah Abd Karim)
  • Liana’s Literature Corner (Siti Norlizana Ghazali)
  • Poetry Pot (Siti Marlina Zainal)
  • Xzaa XZaa Cafe (Zaleha Abdul Hamid)
  • My House of Poetry (Hamidah Abd Latif)

General English

  • Putrajaya*** by Delia L. Olaybal
  • Wonderful E’s** by Azarina Alias
  • Forces of Nature **by Wan Norhana Wan Arshad
  • Healthy Meal English Web (A. Jamaluddin)
  • Practice Makes Perfect(Aryanti Abdullah)
  • Adrian’s English Sanctuary (Wee Kok Seng)
  • Essential English (Tuan Sarifah A. S. Ahmad)
  • E-venture (Hadzrawiah Abu Kasim)
  • Little Paradise (Halimah Hanafiah)
  • English Wondeful World (Jocelynn Wong)
  • Fun with English (Manimekalai)
  • Sam’s World of Health (Saminder Kaur)
  • Tit Bits (Norimah Mohd Yunus)
  • Zadza’s Cyber language corner (Zadza Z)
  • Fantasy Word (Rafizah M. Terasid)
  • Nina’s Learning Fun Site (Nina Marlini)
  • Izani’s Corner (Mohd Izani Junoh)
  • Julia’s Connection (Julia Jaffar)
  • Spooky Room (Hamidah Abd Latif)
  • The Magical World of English (Netty A. Ahmad)
  • English Party Land  (T. Sathia)
  • Practice Makes Perfect (Mohd Ali)
  • Dizara’s Spot (Radzi & Hardiza)
  • English Garden (Soo Pooi Sum)
  • Wana’s World (Nizwana Hj Ali)
  • English Tryouts (Parveen Khan)
  • Fabulous Adventure (Ramuna)
  • Engage (Valli)
  • Geckoyang (Young Houng Chuan)
  • NINA’S learning Fun Site (Nina Marlina)
  • The Fun City (Vasanthi)
  • English Cyberworld (Mutasim)
  • Shiela’s  Language Home (Shiela)
  • Leisure Link (Tan Beng Kion)
  • Visit Indonesia (Akhyar Rido)

English for Islamic Studies

  • Islamic Studies (N.Nurmi Adilah & N.Mohd Adib)
  • Kay’s Green World (Kamariah)

English for Science and Technology

  • EST for high schools by Faiz
  • EST for Upper Secondary Schools by Liaw Meng Lai

Business English

  • Business English (Samsiah Kandar)
  • Gwen’s Career Page(Gwynedd Nora Owen)
  • Travel through English (Fiona)
  • Let’s Travel with English (Nora Izany Md Fathil)

English Test

  • English by Anuratha Kanniah

…more to come… Click also WEBLL Lesson and BALL Lessons to see other CALL Lessons