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The American Pepper

"Mummy! Mummy!" shouted little Murna racing from the front door through to the (1) "There's a parcel. The postman's brought a (2) !"
Her mother, Savni, looked at her in surprise. She had no idea who could have sent them a parcel. Maybe it was a mistake. She hurried to the door to find out. Sure enough, the (3) was there, holding a parcel about the size of a small brick.

"From America, madam," he said. "See! American stamps.
"It was true. In the top right-hand corner of the brown (4) parcel were three strange-looking stamps, showing a man's head. The package was addressed to Savni, in big, clear (5) letters.
"Well, I suppose it must be from Great-Aunt Pasni," said Savni to herself, as the postman went on his way down the street, whistling.
"Although it must be twenty years since we heard anything from her. I thought she would have been dead by now."

Savni's husband Jornas and her son Arinas were just coming in from the garden, where Murna had run to tell them about the parcel. "Well, open it then!" said Arinas impatiently.
"Let's see what's inside!" Setting the parcel down in the middle of the table,

Savni carefully began to tear open the paper. Inside, there was a large silver container with a hinged lid, which was taped shut. There was also a letter.
"What is it? What is it?" demanded Murna impatiently. "Is it a present?"
"I have no idea," said Savni in confusion.
"I think it must be from Great-Aunt Pasni.

She went to (6) almost thirty years ago now. But we haven't heard from her in twenty years. Perhaps the letter will tell us.

"She opened the folded page cautiously, then looked up in dismay.
"Well, this is no help!" she said in annoyance.
"It's written in English! How does she expect us to read English? We're poor people, we have no education. Maybe Pasni has forgotten her native language, after thirty years in America."
" Well, open the pot, anyway," said Jornas. "Let's see what's inside."

Cautiously, Savni pulled the tape from the neck of the silver (7) , and opened the (8)
Four heads touched over the top of the container, as their owners stared down inside.
"Strange," said Arinas. "All I see is (9) " The pot was about one-third full of a kind of light-grey powder. "What is it?" asked Murna, mystified.
"We don't know, darling," said Savni, stroking her daughter's hair. "What do you think?" Murna stared again into the pot.
"I think it's(10) ," she announced, finally. "American coffee."