Flipping Fantastic

Gap-fill exercise

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   cares      close-knit      ease      face      protective      proud      right      well- being      wise      worrying   
Flipping Fantastic deals with the importance of having a supportive family. James, Tristan and his Mum are a 1) family. James is 2) of his twin brother, Tristan and vice versa. Their mum 3) a lot about them too. In their monologues, the twins are constantly thinking of each other and 4) about each other’s 5) . They help each other look forward to going to their respective schools. Mum is very 6) of her sons. She also worries whether she is doing the 7) thing for them by choosing different secondary schools for them.
The story also deals with the theme of growing up. Tristan and James have to 8) the prospect of going to different schools but, by being supportive of each other, they are helping each other to 9) those growing pains. Both learn to accept that they have to go separate ways and in the process, also learn to make 10) decisions too. Tristan goes to Chesterlea Grange, a school with lots of facilities for the disables and James is happy in Highfields.