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The Canadian Journal of Linguistics Volume 59(2), July/juillet 2014

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The Canadian Journal of Linguistics / La revue canadienne de linguistique

Volume 59(2), July/juillet 2014


When take means require: A study of extraposed and impersonal constructions with take

Gregory Furmaniak

The aim of this corpus-based study is to offer a syntactic and semantic characterization of sentences whose formal realization can be schematized as it + take + NP + (NP) + to-VP. The examination of the data suggests that this linear structure is shared by two distinct micro-constructions with different semantic properties: a construction with extraposition whose primary meaning is described in terms of consumption and an impersonal micro-construction which is analyzed as an anankastic construction expressing a necessary condition. It is shown that the apparently erratic grammatical behaviour of the string results from the existence in the hierarchical network of constructions of two different micro-constructions with similar formal realizations.

On the D-linked character of genitive interrogatives in Iraqi Arabic

Laura Andreea Sterian

This paper focuses on genitive interrogatives in Iraqi Arabic. I argue that these constructions are inherently D-linked (Discourse-Linked). Similarly to D-linked interrogatives, when genitive interrogatives appear in content questions in which both the resumptive strategy and the gap strategy are possible, the genitive interrogatives have a D–N structure when the gap strategy is employed and a D–?–N structure when the resumptive strategy is employed. I then propose the following hypothesis: what defines D-linking is the presence of a domain restriction in the form of an overt noun.


Unaccusativity and the VP node in Cayuga

Michael Barrie


Investigating clitic doubling in Laurentian French: An experimental approach

Cassandra Chapman


Two types of wh-omission in first language acquisition

Yves Roberge, Nelleke Strik



Indefinite objects: Scrambling, choice functions, and differential marking by Luis López (review)

Ross (Rostyslav) Bilous


The logic of pronominal resumption by Ash Asudeh (review)

Anna Bondaruk


Acquiring phonology: A cross-generational case study by Neil Smith (review)

Sarah D.F. Greer


Semantics: From meaning to text by Igor A. Mel’?uk (review)

Inna Kozlova


Morphology: From data to theories by Antonio Fábregas and Sergio Scalise (review)

Francesco-Alessio Ursini


Agreement and head movement: Clitics, incorporation, and defective goals by Ian Roberts (review)

Joseph W. Windsor


Books Received/Livres reçus


Canadian Linguistics Association National Achievement Award 2014

The 2014 recipient of the Canadian Linguistic Association National Achievement Award is Dr. Jila Ghomeshi of the Department of Linguistics, University of Manitoba.

This award honours researchers whose work has expanded our knowledge in linguistics and has brought distinction to the Canadian linguistics community. It also recognizes their role as ambassadors in the promotion of Canadian linguistics here and abroad. Jila is a very worthy recipient of this award.



The Canadian Journal of Linguistics publishes articles of original research in linguistics in both English and French. The articles deal with linguistic theory, linguistic description of English, French and a variety of other natural languages, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, first and second language acquisition, and other areas of interest to linguists. Published three times a year by the Canadian Linguistic Association


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