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October 12, 2010 By: supyan Category: A. Announcements, J. Studies in Malaysia

This page lists publications related to language education, language teaching and learning, e-learning, and mobile learning, written by Malaysian English Language Educators. If you would like add any new related publications, please the info to Thank you for your cooperation to share knowledge and information.

  • Pintar Bahasa Inggeris melalui kaedah Green & Latin. (2010).  Kuala Lumpur: PTS Professional.
  • Readings in online language learning & teaching (2008).  Bangi: PPA & e-learning Research Group, UKM
  • Policy & Implementation of e-Learning in institutions of higher learning. (2008). Bangi:  PPA & e-Learning Research Group, UKM
  • Pedagogi dan Pembangunan e-Pembelajaran di Institut Pengajian Tinggi. (2007). Bangi: PPA & e-Learning Research Group, UKM
  • Online teaching and learning in ELT (2006). Bangi: PPA & e-Learning Research Group, UKM

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