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How best to master a second language?

October 07, 2010 By: supyan Category: M. Issues

Watch this excellent video!

An Eqyptian young man who is proficient in Bahasa Melayu or Malay Language,  said that if you want to master the Malay language  (or any other second language),  you have to immerse yourself in the community of the Malay speakers, live with them,  and eat their food. He said he speaks Malay very well, with Kelantanese dialet,  because he takes ‘budu’ or bilis sauce (fermented fish), a local sauce produced only in Kelantan.If you don’t understand Malay, especially Kelantanese dialect, please ask your friends  who speak Malay, to translate the conversation.

Question 1.  Can these principles be applied to those who want to master English as a second language, Arabic, Japan, Korean, Russian, German etc?

Question 2. Can we still master the target language in our own own environment, community, or home country  without going the countries where the taget language is spoken?

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